Who We Are

We are a different mortgage brokerage.

We are award winning and have a reputation for providing excellent advice to all clients, whatever their needs.

We work extensively with large lenders, while providing equity and private lending should a client benefit from it. Additionally, we provide clients with unique proprietary lending should they require it.

Presenting tangible solutions and providing a roadmap or game-plan is something we are committed to as it saves our clients money… a lot of money!

Our agents are experienced, professional and are devoted to matching your needs with the ideal lender.

Our goal is to save you money and make you happy.

Our Staff

Graeme MossBroker / Manager

Robert HooperManager

John El MasaraniAssistant Manager

Anson MartinMortgage Agent

Jason SohlMortgage Broker

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Code of Ethics


Client Education

At Fair Mortgage Solutions we believe that keeping the client informed through the process is key in maintaining a healthy relationship with the client, the lender and ourselves. Clients will attain general knowledge of credit, how credit scores affects their ability to borrow as well as how to maintain a good score once one is achieved. Our agents have a vested interest in keeping the client informed throughout the process as well as maintaining an ongoing relationship where clients are updated on upcoming market trends that they may not be aware of.

No Discrimination or Judgement

Agents and brokers at Fair Mortgage Solutions must be willing to provide a non-judgemental environment for clients to feel secure in discussing finances. We have an open door policy when communicating with clients about their concerns and needs. By applying this, clients can build a trusting relationship without feeling they are evaluated on past circumstances. Your life situation is the foundation that we are building upon. Strengthening your whole world, not only the rate on your mortgage is important to us. We care about the lives our clients have had and will have.

Transparency and Truthfulness

All information provided to the client will be held to the highest standard by which Fair Mortgage agents will fully inform the client of the correct information. In order to maintain agent to client integrity, all fees and fee allocations will be disclosed. In certain comprehensive situations involving credit or income, there may be costs involved to set up the mortgage, but any fees will be disclosed to the client prior to signing any documents. We want to keep and maintain a trusting relationship with our clients, thus maintaining transparency and trust are essential to that cause.


Fair Mortgage agents and brokers strive to follow the philosophies of a better business while operating at a high level of integrity. Our priority is to provide truthful information while maintaining the confidentiality of all client details. As advisors or experts when it comes to mortgages we provide the client with suggested paths to better their current situation, leading to financial stability.

Professional Conduct

Everyone at Fair Mortgage is to be treated with the same respect and dignity, be it shareholders, clients, lenders or borrowers. We want to provide a safe environment for people to have open discussion about finance. Respect, truth, fairness and equality are key philosophies of Fair Mortgage Solutions.

Experiences and Accountability

Please feel free to contact Graeme Moss directly if you have any comments about our company ethics. Graeme is always looking for positive feedback from clients however, if an agent is not abiding by our standards we want to know. Your experience in life as well as in our office is important to us at Fair Mortgage and we want to hear from you. We truly hope that your experience with us has been a pleasant one. Please let us know if we have met or exceeded your expectations.



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