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This is a quick, accurate, and anonymous test that gives you an idea where you stand financially.

Our motto is that your finances and your personal happiness are linked. They go hand in hand.
When you take the test you will see your score which is like a blood pressure reading. If you score over 40 is simple means you have an issue which needs to be corrected for your wellbeing. There are many ways to address this if your number is over 40. Based on your number we tell you how you rank.
The results are anonymous but if you are concerned about the number please feel free to contact us and we can offer guidance.
Feel free to pass on the self test to your friends and family.


You need to know if your going to self test as single or with partner.
You need to know your total income, before taxes, your T4 or salary would be a good number to use. All the figures are general and using estimates is okay for the purpose of the self test.
You need to know your total credit card debt (not the minimum payment but actual balances on all the cards) along with balances on your lines of credit.
You need to know your total line of credit balance (not the minimum payment but that actual balance). Note this is unsecured lines of credit only, secured lines of credit include in your mortgage amount.
You need to know your total loan payments per month. For example if you have a Toyota loan for $24,000 and your monthly payment is $365 you enter in $365 and you add any other loans with this number.
Leases are treated the same way as loans.

Let's Get Started

Is this an individual test or is a partner included?

  1. Single
  2. with Partner

Do you own or rent your home?

  1. Own
  2. Rent

1 - Income:

e.g. (35,000) This is your yearly amount, could be salary or T4 amount. What you earn before taxes are taken off.

2 - Residence:

3 - What You Owe: